About Us

As any dog lover knows, providing water for our dogs while on the go can be a challenge! We hauled the water jugs, carried the bowls, gave water from our own bottles, and even used our hands as a dish. We tried every plastic, portable dog bottle on the market, but they broke easily or were too bulky to carry. A portable dog water bottle and bowl that was easy to use and carry, durable, and stylish too needed to be created.

Our KONG H2O portable dog water bottle and bowl is easy to use and carry, and stays true to our ideals and objectives of providing the best solution for dog hydration while on the go. Simplicity, portability, durability, quality, and style of DogGear pet products is what we represent.

In response to customer feedback, we continue to add brands, product lines, and combinations of existing lines. We thank you for taking time to learn more about DogGear products and hope that you will share your adventures on our Facebook page.

The KONG H2O K9 Insulated portable dog water bottle and bowl was created based on a call from an Army Airborne Ranger K9 Handler who had seen the website and was interested in the bottles for his K9 partner, Benno, and other military dogs.

Researching began, as well as testing, and receiving feedback from Military Handlers, Police K9, and Search & Rescue Teams stationed all over the world. A premium dog water bottle was developed for some of the hardest working animals out there. Unlike other dog water bottles on the market, the KONG H2O K9 was engineered for Military, Search & Rescue and Law Enforcement K9 handler use, and has been field tested by K9 handlers worldwide.