Ultimate Road Trip Guide For Traveling With Dogs – Car Dog-Proofing Accessories

Water Solutions

When it comes to water, you’re going to want something that holds enough for a long drive but also allows for you to easily give water to your dog. We’ve found the perfect solution – the Bampz KONG H2O dog water bottle. This is incredibly unique water bottle is perfect for car rides.

Holding 25 ounces of water in a stainless steel bottle, what really makes this special is what Bampz has designed for the lid.

The durable plastic lid twists off to form a special water bowl for your pooch. The unique shape of the lid is designed to fit the natural way dogs drink water.

Another nice feature for traveling is the lid features a loop you can use to clip it anywhere you may need (to a backpack, for instance) and it also comes with a carabiner for just that purpose. Bampz also makes other water bottles if different shapes and sizes and carrying slings.